Toronto Latin American Flute Festival 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Toronto Latin American Flute Festival brought to you by the Canadian Flute Association. We are thrilled to showcase the rich musical traditions of this region and to bring you the wealth of experience, expertise and artistic integrity these flutists represent.

Flutists gather in associations and collectives all over the world to celebrate their instrument and to foster new repertoire. There is so much music out there that is worth discovering and celebrating and we want to honour this immense variety with an annual festival. There is no better stage for this multicultural flute extravaganza than the superbly diverse city of Toronto.

These events will provide opportunities to listen, learn and be inspired. They will also support the career paths of young local artists through lessons, performance opportunities and networking. But above all, we hope that TLAFF will be a celebration and discovery of Latin American flute music and flutists from across the globe.

Alhelí Pimienta and Izabella Budai, TLAFF Artistic Directors

TLAFF International Guest Artists 2016

Christine Beard, Nebraska
Miguel Angel Villanueva, Mexico City
Claudio Tarris, Monterrey
Paulina Fain, Bueno Aires


TLAFF Canadian Collaborating Artists 2016

Susan Hoeppner
Cecilia Lee
Paulina Derbez
Alberto Munarriz
Terry Lim
Sophie Andrée Lanthier
Mouna Ben Hadj Tahar
Emily Phernambucp
Laurel Swinden
Esther Choi
Dianne Aitken
Christopher Lee
Samantha Chang
James Brown
George Harris
Izabella Budai
Alhelí Pimienta

TLAFF 2016

to our international guest artists during four world-class concerts

by attending our masterclasses, ensemble coachings, private lessons and lectures

Be inspired 
by fellow Canadian collaborating artists during performances and presentations


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