Canadian Flute Convention 2015

A thoroughly warm and intimate convention.

Wissam Boustany

Thank you for attending the 2nd Biennial Canadian Flute Convention, affectionately known as Flutestock No. 2, which took place at the University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto from Thursday, June 18 to Sunday, June 21, 2015.

Carrying on the tradition from the 2013 inaugural convention, the 2nd Biannual Canadian Flute Convention was the place to forge new friendships and strengthen old ties in the community. Flutestock No. 2 recognizes every artist in their accomplishments and endeavors, and celebrates their accomplishments through an international convention platform.

The 2015 Canadian Flute Convention was packed with over one hundred events and activities including concerts, lecture recitals, workshops, seminars, body awareness classes, reading sessions, and a bustling flute market. Artists and delegates gathered from all over Canada and abroad to take part in the four-day festivities.

Flutestock No. 2 was a memorable event filled with music, laughter, and surprises! On behalf of the convention team and volunteers, I thank you for traveling to Toronto to celebrate a weekend of music and friendship. Together, we #CanFlute!

With warmest wishes,
Samantha Chang
Convention Director

List of Artists

ABELN, Melissa Colgin; ADAMS, Liselyn; AITKEN, Dianne; ALLT, Leslie; ÁLVAREZ, Heidi; ARRINGTON, Amanda; ARSLAN, Aydin; AUDET, Catherine; BATY, Brian; BEARD, Christine Erlander; BELLAVANCE, Michel; BEN-TOVIM MBE, Atarah; BERNEY, Boaz; BERRY, Mark; BEYER, Jeffrey; BLANCHARD, Geneviève; BLOCKI, Kathy; BLOCKI, Martin; BLOCKI, Sarah; BOHNET, Andra; BOUSTANY, Wissam; BRACHFELD, Andrea; BUDAI, Izabella; BYRNE, Mary; CAMILLERI, Mark; CAMPBELL, Joss; CHAMBERS, Laura; CHANG, Samantha; CHERAMY, Michelle; CHOI, Esther; CLELAND, Gordon; COOK, Nathan; CRESCENT DUO; DEPPE, Liesel; DIEZ D’AUX, Judy; DISCANTVS; DUMLAVWALLA, Diana; DUO PELLIROJA; DYDNANSKY, Patricia; ESELSON, Lauren; ESPOSITO, Nicole; FESTIVE FLUTES; FLAUTAS DEL FUEGO; FLUTE STREET; LES FLÛTISTES DE MONTRÉAL; FORRESTER, Doriann; FÜLEP, Márk; GEIER, Rachel Taylor; GIECK, Sarah; GLINKA, Iwona; GOLDSMITH, Ai; GOODMAN, Lindsey; GRANOFSKY, Casey; GRIFFITH, Meg; GUZMAN, Viviana; HAGEN, Timothy; HAHN, Sara; HAMILTON, Amy; HUMMEL, Cate; JACKSON, Sarah; JOHNSON, M.J.; JOHNSTON, Beverley; KALLSTROM, Michael; KEITH/LARSON DUO; KEITH, Leanna; KILBRIDE, Pat; KIM, Sylvia; KIM, Sooyun; KING, Melissa; LANGEVIN-CHARLEBOIS, Maude; LANZ, Megan; LARGE, Karen; LARSON, Zachary; LEE, Christopher; LIM, Terry; LYON, Amelia; MACPHAIL, Rozalind; MAHAR, Eric; MAIMETS, Kaili; MARQUARDT, Sibylle; MARRS, Leslie; MARSHALL, Anne; MASUDA, Taka; MCBIRNIE, Bill; MCLACHLEN, Jen; MCPHERSON, Angus; MELVILLE, Alison; MILLER, Douglas; MILOJEVIĆ-BOGDANOVIĆ, Milica; MINCONE, Giancarlo; MITCHELL, Clyde; MOON, Sarah Yunji; MORITA, Yoriko; MURPHY, Sarah; NEWMAN, Leslie; NOURSE, Nancy; NOYCE, Rik; O’RIORDAN, Niall; OHARA, Kiyoka; OUELLETTE, Sylvie; PELLETIER, Maria; PILTCH, Susan; PIMIENTA, Alhelí; PUTTERMAN, Mika; QUINTANILLA, Mario; RAPHAEL, Nan; REES, Carla; REINE, Kimberly; REUGE, Carole; RICKETTS, Carolyn; ROBERTS, Philip; RUDOLPH, Kathleen; SCHNEELOCH-BINGHAM, Nancy; SCHOCKER, Gary; SEED, Roderick; SHAW, Richard; SHULMAN, Nora; SMITH, Ben; SPEER, Donald; STANLEY, Michelle Batty; STEWART-KROEKER, Miriam; SWEET, Sharon; SWINDEN, Laurel; SZILÁGYI, Szabolcs; SZRAM, Aleksander; TAM, Stephen; THIBAULT, Annie; THOMAS, Laura; THOMPSON, Jamie; TREMBLAY, Sylvie; VIA, Kelly; WALKER, Elizabeth; WATTS, Camille; WHITE, Joanna Cowan; WHITE, Kennen; WILLIAMS, Patrick; WILSON, Dave; YONCE, Tammy Evans

List of Partners

ALRY Publications, LLC; Altus Flutes; Boaz Berney – Historical Flutes; Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc; Burkart-Phelan, Inc; C&A Charm House; Carol Who Flute Accessories; La Côte Flûte Festival; Guo Musical Instrument Co; Kathy Blocki; Lake Field Music Inc; Long & Mcquade Ltd; Miyazawa Flutes; Steve’s Music Store; Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Inc; Whole Musician, LLC; Windward Flutes Ltd; Wm. S. Haynes Flutes; Yamaha Canada Music


Program Book


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