Ayres Potthoff (Brazil) – Canadian debut June 18 2017


Mr. Potthoff received a Master of Music Degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro where he studied with Celso Woltzenlogel. He later specialized in flute having studied with Keith Underwood and Ransom Wilson in New York. He is the one of founders of Brazilian Flute Association and has organized International Flute Festivals in Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. He was also the Executive Director of São Pedro Chamber Orchestra, founded by him in 1985.

Mr. Potthoff is frequently invited to perform alongside pianist Maly Weisenblum in such countries as the United States, France, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, Spain, Peru and Ecuador. As a soloist, Mr. Potthoff has appeared with several orchestras such as the Japan Flute Orchestra, the National Symphony Orchestra of Peru, the Federal University Orchestra of Rio de Janeiro and the São Pedro Chamber Orchestra. He is presently music professor at the Music Department of Instituto Porto Alegre, where he teaches Brazilian Music History.


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